• Found a Heart - Lauren and Jimbo

    "Bill, I will treasure this forever! It is absolutely perfect.  ...thank you for making my special day more special!!!"  - Lauren Woodward

    "...I'm not sure what it is about [your] videos that make me cry like a baby when watching!  That was just beautiful!...Great job as usual guys.  Bravo!" - Christy Todd, Cece Designs


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  • Ynhi and Jerrad


    As the days of October were winding down, Ynhi and Jerrad were making a new beginning!  What better place than the picturesque Greystone Country Club in Birmingham, AL?   The love they share was contagious on that day and everyone present was infected, family and friends alike.  Their story is one of focus, diligence, commitment and success in all phases of their lives.  It was a great honor to spend the day with them.   CONGRATULATIONS Ynhi and Jerrad!  

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  • Brett and Haley - Fountainview Mansion, Auburn

    "It is absolutely beautiful! I am so happy with it, the song, all of the clips, everything. It's perfect!  It really meant the world to have such professional, detail oriented videographers with us that day. You both helped calm my nerves on more than one occasion and made me smile throughout the day.   Thank you both SOOO much! "   -Haley Huff Smith

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  • Alex and Somer - Mt. Olive, Alabama, Wedding Day Highlights

    "I'm so in love with this. Alex and I just watched it and we're both crying. Thank you so much for capturing our special day!  I'm SO glad that Bill and Alisa are now a part of my life and that they captured mine and Alex's special day! I couldn't be more pleased with how the highlite turned out. It was even more than I expected!"

    - Somer Cousins Streetman

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It’s your 20th wedding anniversary, you’re curled up on the couch about to watch your favorite movie of all time.  It’s become a tradition!  We believe your favorite movie should be your wedding film, with stunning cinematography and produced in a way that entices you to watch it over and over again.

Award winning SunDolphin Video Productions is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama and available throughout the Southeast and United States.   We understand the importance of memories kept and the responsibility associated with filming events as they happen.  Having this once in a lifetime moment captured professionally, you’ll appreciate the premium you’ve placed on having a wedding film.

Family, friends and all the loved ones that came together to share your breathtaking special day are preserved forever in celebration, in time, on that one beautiful day.  Laughter, tears, gasps, and hugs too tight, all memories you can see and hear as you watch and relive the happiness.  These moments pass quickly.  Life is short and memories fade.  Allow us to preserve your memories for you, your family and future generations.

Our commitment to excellence makes SunDolphin Productions your perfect choice for your wedding or event videography.